Garuda South East Asia Festival


South East Asia: "The most diverse, beautiful, enjoyable and accessible landscapes in the world" Asean Tourism

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary between Australia-ASEAN relations, this special event will celebrate the 10 member nations of ASEAN.

Communities living in Victoria will come together as one to share the numerous cultural heritage of each nation, its food and lifestyle.

The Festival features
30 Top restaurants in Melbourne have been selected featuring authentic cuisine.
30 Cultural and Music performances over two days will also demonstrate the wonderful sights and sound of member nations
ASEAN playground - a fun place for traditional games from the countries
Food Tasting and Demonstrations
Fashion parades and Traditional costume Pageant


The markets of South East Asia showcases some of the most loved cuisine in the world. Delicious street food from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines and many others are presented.

Cultural Showcase

Immerse yourself in a world of culture and music talent on the weekend. Live music and traditional dancers highlighting the 10 ASEAN nations will give you a visual experience of what the countries have to offer.

Cultural Activities

Re-live your overseas and childhood experience as you can participate in playing the most loved traditional games. Join us for the cultural dress pageant and photobooth. There is als the famous Keropok eating competition.